Ruwenzori Safari, Uganda

This 13 Day 13 day Ruwenzori Safari in Uganda offers a variety of activities such as chimpanzee trekking and other game viewing fun.

Highlights of this Ruwenzori Safari

  • Kibale National Park
  • Chimpanzee trekking
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Ruwenzoris
  • Game viewing and trekking in one itinerary

This East African mountain climb includes game viewing. Kibale and Queen Elizabeth National Parks are natural way-stations to or from the Ruwenzori. In fact, the Ruwenzori are essentially contiguous and partially encompassed by Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The trek itself is also East Africa's longest, and probably most challenging. The thickness of the highland jungle and the unique obstacles of mud lakes and deep-set bogs are countered only by the incredible beauty and breathtaking expanse of these mysterious 'Mountains of the Moon'. Hike the mountains of the moon and see some of Uganda's most famous sites in one amazing safari itinerary.

Day 1: Kampala, Uganda

You'll be personally met whenever you arrive Entebbe, Uganda, and taken on the hour's transfer into the country's capital city, Kampala. In the afternoon, a guided visit is included to the Kasubi Tombs of the great Kabaka Kings of Uganda. Overnight at the Nile Serena.

Day 2: Kibale

The six-hour drive from Kampala to the north end of the Ruwenzori mountains travels some very scenic roads in Uganda, through the great Nile delta, a mixture of dense papyrus swamps and yet virgin stands of great jungle. Enjoy a picnic somewhere on the way, and by the afternoon you will reach Kibale National Park for dinner and overnight at a tented camp.

Day 3: Kibale

Loosen your climbing legs on today's exhilarating morning trek to find chimpanzee. Kibale National Park is the best place in the world to see chimp, and a remarkable forest ecosystem with a dozen other primates. Return to camp for lunch, and in the afternoon relax, prepare for the climb or join a ranger for a forest walk.

Day 4: Ruwenzori Trek - Day 1

Start from Nyakalengaija Gate at the Ruwenzori National Park, to begin one of East Africa's most challenging and spectacular treks. Ptolemy had written about the 'Mountains of the Moon' nearly two millennia ago, but it was Stanley who first described them to the developed world in the late 19th Century. The Ruwenzori is East Africa's only true great mountain range, and it includes Africa's third highest summit, Point Margherita (5109 metres).But unlike other treks on Kilimanjaro or Kenya, the paths through thigh-high bogs and thick nettled jungle present the enthusiast with the most challenging of all East African climbs. The rewards are great: vegetation, birds and mammals endemic to the range leave most climbers in awe. Today's 4-5 hour trek ends at the Nyahitaba Hut (2500 metres).

Day 5: Ruwenzori Trek - Day 2

Cross the Mubuku and Bujuku rivers to the John Matte Hut (3200 metres).

Day 6: Ruwenzori Trek - Day 3

Outstanding scenery, today, and if the weather is kind, some of the most spectacular alpine views in the world. The day ends with a very steep climb to a plateau on which sets magical Lake Bujuku. Continue about 20 minutes to Bujuku Hut (4000 metres).

Day 7: Ruwenzori Trek - Day 4

The day is designed for acclimatization, and another night is spent at Bujuku Hut. There are opportunities without much ascent to visit Lac du Speke on the other side of the Stuhlmann Pass, or even to climb Mount Speke.

Day 8: Ruwenzori Trek - Day 5

Trek on to the Elna Hut (4540 metres) just before the Stanley Plateau. Vegetation gets outstandingly beautiful and remarkably dense for such a high altitude.

Day 9: Ruwenzori Trek - Day 6

Conquer Margherita (5109 metres) with some strenuous and steep climbing. Afterwards, descend to the Kitandara Lakes for an overnight at the Kitandara Hut (4000 metres). This is arguably the most spectacular location just under the western face of Mount Baker.

Day 10: Ruwenzori Trek - Day 7

Climb steeply onto the Freshfield Pass (4820 metres) before descending to the Guy Yeoman Hut (3800 metres), located in the midst of an enchanting, dense heather forest.

Day 11: Ruwenzori Trek - Day 8

Continue down to the Nyahitaba Hut (2500 metres).

Day 12: Ruwenzori Trek - Day 9 / Queen Elizabeth National Park

Return to the main road and take the short drive into Uganda's best national park, Queen Elizabeth. As you enter the park, you're likely to see many kob, gazelle, Zebra and possibly Elephant and Buffalo. After lunch enjoy the landmark boat trip on the Kazinga Channel, the most famous game viewing in Uganda. Meals and overnight at Mweya Lodge.

Day 13: Entebbe

Drive back to Entebbe today, with day accommodation available at the Lake Victoria Hotel before the evening departures home.
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